Property owner check

Property Information lookup for any French address.

We carry out searches using the property's cadastral reference number,  to access useful information such as previous and current owner’s details, latest transaction's value and more.

In addition to finding out who the current owner is, we retrieve the property's ownership history that includes details such as:
- The date the property was acquired;
-  How much the owner paid for it;
- Whether title is held in sole or joint names, or in common;
- Whether there are any encumbrances, such as mortgages, charges, liens, etc.

Assets tracing

Let us help you establish whether an individual or a company owns real-estate property in specific areas of France and Monaco.

This may prove helpful in divorce or succession matters, or where title-holder is subject to Bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings overseas for example.

We verify possible property holdings in France and issue written reports in English.   

All you need to do is provide the individual or company details.

No nationwide searches are possible and we therefore need to focus on specific geographical locations.

French title deeds

We will help you retrieve the relevant official documents which the French land registry holds. 

Order an official copy of the register to ensure there has been no fraudulent activity of unsolicited charges registered  without your knowledge, or prove property ownership.

Being dual-qualified Franco-British lawyers, we issue written reports which include ownership history, property transaction values, records of any encumbrances, whether title been transferred and - if so - to whom and when.

As necessary, we can issue an Affidavit that may be helful for a court case for example.

Company ownership

Various legal structures can be used for the joint or multiple ownership of French property.

Buyers often choose to purchase French property through a special type of company called 'Societe Civile Immobiliere' or 'SCI'. 

We carry out searches with the French Registrar of Companies to check whether individuals are directors of a company registered in France.

When tracing someone's real-estate assets through French land and property records, company ownership checks enable us to combine the relevant person's details and those of the company in which he or she is a director.

French Land Registry Searches