About us

Fabien Cordiez, French Lawyer and Solicitor

Dual-qualified Franco-British lawyer.

I am Fabien Cordiez, a qualified French lawyer in legal practice since 1994. I re-qualified as Solicitor of England and Wales in 2000.

Having gained valuable experience practising in major law firms and banks in the UK, including the City of London, I set up my own practice in Southern France in 2002.

Cordiez Avocats & Solicitors is a niche law firm which specialises in French property law and cross-border succession matters. We make French property and inheritance matters understandable to English-speaking clients around the world.

French Land Registry Searches

We recognise the need for essential information such as property owners' details, legal information about property and the existence of any charges, uncumbrances or liens against it.

This new facility is for those who:

- Want to know who the owner of a property is, and if the property has any encumbrances (outstanding debts attached to the property); or

- Need information about property or land owned by an individual or company in France. This service is particularly useful in debt recovery processes, divorce proceedings, succession matters, property purchases etc.

French Cadastral Map


The documents we provide are as held by the French Land Registry and other official sources of data. We do not take responsibility for errors made by them. We are an independent law firm neither owned by nor affiliated with the French Land Registry or the Government. We search the Registers for title deeds, plans and other documents which can be used for official purposes. 

French Land Registry Searches